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You’ll Love Us

We work hard and passionately for you to ensure your success. We go that extra mile to put that smile on your face. Below are some of the testimonials we’ve had.

If you are serious about change and want to find an organisation that really understands how to make a difference to organisations, places and people then TQMI is for you. They are a great company and have a rare talent for being true collaborators unlike the majority of consultants.
Jackie, Manchester Council
TQMI have always stood out because of their ability to truly engage with managers and staff at any level of the organisation and the significant added value they leave behind in terms of learning and development.
Ian, Jersey Police
Many thanks for having such a major influence on our company in 2013. It feels a much better place now. 2013 ended really well with us being the top on-time UK operator for 13 successive periods!
Rob - MD, Chiltern Railways
I think TQMI works hard at keeping a positive relationship going and it is very responsive to enquiries. I appreciate the willingness to discuss and advise instantly by phone.
Colin, Probabtion
I would just like to express my sincere thanks for your absolute professionalism and advice. Your attitude and support is the best advert that TQMI needs to generate repeat business in my opinion.
Roy, London Midland
Solid “hands on” consultancy support within areas of the organisation, process and people development in order to improve performance
Steen, The Global Fund
TQMI were recommended to me by Principals of other FE colleges in London who had appreciated their expertise and experience. TQMI’s experience, coupled with their innovative approaches, has accelerated the development of our strategy for excellence, challenged our thinking and continues to help us with its execution. TQMI are helpful, experienced and innovative and it is a joy to work with them.
Sue, South Thames College
The TQMI brand image to me is that of a trusted partner that can assist a company in understanding how the business works and give guidance on what has to be done to evolve and change as well as providing the tools to make the change possible.
Tim, SAS Ground Services U.K. Ltd
Through the training and consultancy I have enjoyed in the past, my image of TQMI is of an organisation that is well able to tailor the wider and varied picture of improvement processes to an individual organisation. Given the prevailing view, I particularly appreciated the value placed on the public sector.
Our association with TQMI has been a long and fruitful one and will hopefully continue in the same manner in the future. They are thorough professionals, know their subject very well, understand exactly what the customer requires, always customise accordingly and possess very good training, delivery and interaction skills, good understanding of the cultural mix that exists.
Seema, Government of Dubai
TQMI brand established leading player in the area of EFQM Excellence Model with solid reputation and experienced Consulting portfolio.
Jim, Eurocontrol
TQMI currently have a good reputation and in my view are recognised as suppliers of high quality services and systems in the area of problem solving, facilitation and optioneering techniques.
“Courses like this help people to take a step back, clearly define the problem and come up with a viable solution which will have a more lasting effect.

I thought all of the trainers were excellent and engaging. We had a number of group exercises that brought the tools to life and the ongoing support outside of the actual “training” has been fantastic.
I could not recommend the course more! Everybody should go on the #improvementmovement!”

Anonymous, Digital Retail Company
“The continuous improvement program has been great!  I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the modules. It has given me tools to enable me to think out of the box. Having an internal and external mentor has helped me. I am currently in (solution mode) looking forward to delivering the benefits.

I have started to use a number of the tools in my day job, boundary diagram, cause and effect, brainstorming.  My team have enjoyed the concept of all 3, this has enabled us to drill down and focus on what the real issue/improvement is.”

Anonymous, Digital Retail Company