Probation in the Ukraine

The Ukrainian Parliament recently passed a new Law on Probation which will transform the existing Criminal Executive Inspection Service (CEIS) into a modern European Probation Service fully compliant with the Council of Europe Probation Rules 2010. This is part of a larger strategy to reform the Ukraine Justice Sector, which is being supported by a project funded by the European Union, and to which the UK, amongst other member countries, are providing expert assistance.

The range of activities and tasks to be undertaken by the new Service is complex and yet to be finalised, but it is likely to include: risk/needs assessment, pre-trial reports, case management, community work, the supervision of conditions and the delivery of a range of interventions and programmes. The CEIS has identified the need for an electronic Case Management System to enable staff to manage this workload efficiently and effectively.

The Service will require a national IT infrastructure to facilitate access to the Case Management System from a range of locations including the 600 or so locations at which probation staff will be based. It is unlikely that the development of a complex system such as this can be delivered in-house by the Ministry of Justice, and the expectation is that a procurement process will lead to contracts with a software development company and an infrastructure supplier.

This will require the CEIS and the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice to possess the capacity to be an ‘intelligent customer’ with the ability to project manage the process of software development, IT infrastructure building, the implementation of both and eventually the support of the system. The CEIS sought assistance from the European Commission delegation to review the work already done in collaboration with the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice IT department and to conduct a gap analysis and needs assessment and provide recommendations to ensure that the subsequent specification and procurement process is successful. Peter Murray, who recently joined TQMI after a career of 36 years in the Probation Service, was identified by the delegation lead for probation service development as an international expert on probation case management systems who could provide this assistance.

A picture of Peter Murray working with the Ukrainian probation

Peter working with the Ukrainian probation

Peter recently spent 8 days in Ukraine on an initial fact-finding mission which resulted in a report covering:

a review of the preliminary work the CEIS have begun with the MoJ IT department on specifying requirements, and the provision of advice on the scope of requirements identified and the software architecture necessary to deliver them. This included an assessment of current work undertaken on defining business processes and procedures as an aid to subsequently drawing up a system specification.
a set of recommendations of immediate next steps that can be taken by the CEIS and the Ministry of Justice and of further assistance that the EC Delegation might provide. These included proposals for future expert missions relating to funding mechanisms, assistance with process mapping and software specification, and training in project and contract management.
It is likely that Peter will be returning to the Ukraine early in the New Year to continue the work on the definition of business processes and to provide some training in the use of project management techniques.

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