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Continuous Improvement Consulting

Continuous Improvement is a conscious effort to improve an organisation, its products, services and processes. TQMI specialises in accelerating your Continuous Improvement efforts through consulting, training, facilitation and coaching. We transfer our expert knowledge to you so that you can maintain and sustain an embedded culture of Continuous Improvement.

TQMI’s consultants are highly experienced in both industry and in consulting. Our extensive experience covers all Continuous Improvement tools and approaches including: Rapid Improvement, Lean, Lean Six Sigma and bespoke models, but we tailor our approach to your individual needs. We work with you, rather than to you.

We have successfully helped and worked with over 1500 organisations in their Continuous Improvement journey at both the strategic and operational level. We can work with you to develop an approach that meets your needs. While each approach is tailored a typical engagement can include:

Consulting and facilitation – Through our many years of consultancy working in all industry sectors we have developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Working alongside you, we are able to transfer this knowledge to you, accelerating your continuous improvement activities.

Training – TQMI offers in-house training to all industry sectors. Our training courses are created by industry experts and are tailored to meet your needs.

Coaching – We provide coaching to develop your senior management team and project managers to develop Continuous Improvement Champions and a Continuous Improvement culture.


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