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Lean Consulting

Competitive edge means that all key business processes have to do more than just meet customers’ basic requirements. They must exceed these requirements. They must be Lean.

What is Lean?
Lean is an approach that enables more to be produced with less; less equipment, less human effort, less time and space, while enabling customers to receive precisely what they want, when they want it. Closely linked to process improvement, Lean is applicable to all organisations, though the principles of Lean were first applied to the manufacturing sector, where it is known as ‘Lean Manufacturing’.

When to use Lean?

  • When time is a key driver of the process
  • If you have high levels of work in progress in terms of either material or paper
  • If you have poor levels of customer service
  • If you have long lead times or delays in your process

The benefits:

  • Achieves sustainable increases in productivity
  • Identifies previously unseen waste and eliminates it
  • Reduces process lead times by up to 80%
  • Reduces inventory and space or the resources required to hold it
  • Vastly improves the space utilisation and ergonomics of the working environment
  • Reduces changeover or set-up times

How TQMI can help:
We can provide the challenge that is often necessary for organisations to commit themselves to a Lean process or a Lean programme. We have the tools, techniques and experience necessary to implement Lean quickly and easily, and we can help you to design processes that will meet your customers’ requirements in the most efficient and effective way.


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