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Lean Six Sigma Consulting

What is Lean Six Sigma?
Lean Six Sigma is a business philosophy that incorporates statistical and problem-solving techniques to deliver fundamental improvements in performance. By harnessing an understanding of the process along with the people’s knowledge, energy and enthusiasm, it has been shown to result in less waste, fewer mistakes, reduced failure costs, improved customer satisfaction and better profits.

When to use Lean Six Sigma?

  • When you are experiencing quality or service problems
  • When you want to design a robust, error-free process
  • When you want to reduce waste and improve productivity

The Benefits:

  • Product or service is right first time
  • Waste is minimised
  • Re-work is reduced
  • A common understanding of process capability is provided
  • Quick identification of when a process is not working
  • Improvement decisions that are based on fact
  • The development of highly trained improvement experts for the organisation

How TQMI can help:
We can provide the training to take the nominated members of your staff to black belt and beyond. More importantly, we can provide the consultancy support to ensure that you gain the maximum benefit from your Lean Six Sigma process, so that improvement, and not training, is seen as the main focus of the process.


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