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Continuous Improvement Consulting

What is Process Improvement?
Process Improvement projects are a structured approach to the design or re-design of business processes in order to deliver products and services consistently, reliably and with efficient use of resources. It is a team-based process to allow all those involved in, or affected by, a process to contribute to its improvement.

When to use it?

  • When you have identified a specific process that needs improvement
  • When the improvements to be made are not obvious and need detailed analysis
  • When you want to involve a range of staff in the process change

The benefits:

  • More accurate and complete delivery of outputs
  • Reduction or elimination of unnecessary work activity and related cost
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Increased flexibility to cope with varying demands
  • Better understanding of the process from those working within it

How TQMI can help:
We have an effective, four-stage process improvement process which enables you to manage your process improvement activity effectively. We also have the measurement, analysis and improvement techniques necessary to ensure that you find the best possible solution to you process problems. We can assist managers and staff to contribute to the improvement of their own processes, leading to enhance ownership of the new process.


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