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“There is always space for improvement, no matter

how long you’ve been in the business.” – Oscar De La Hoya

We help organisations improve the way they operate, the way they communicate with their colleagues, the way they serve their customers, the way they work with their suppliers and much more. Our job is to make your job easier, simpler and more enjoyable. We do this by working with you and your organisation to identify opportunities for improvement, make those improvements happen and then ensure they stick.

Our work can range from large organisational culture change programmes to small one-off improvement projects.

We’re different from other consultancies – we deliver differently, we think differently and we work differently. We focus on the most important aspect of improvement, and that’s the people. You won’t hear us use jargon, business buzz words or Japanese words (unless your organisation speaks Japanese).

We put the fun, creativity and teamwork back into Continuous Improvement. We believe Continuous Improvement is all about happiness – happy colleagues means happy customers.

How We Do it

Our approach is different for every client and for every job. We’ll use proven tools and methods to explore, measure, build and sustain improvements. You may be already familiar with improvement methodologies such as Lean and Lean Six Sigma. However, we understand that these are just tools and at the real heart of successful improvement and creativity are the people.

How To Get Started

TQMI Gives You Complete Control of Your Improvement Journey

TQMI makes Continuous Improvement easy, fun and engaging. Take control of your journey.


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